Black Box VR Gym Members Lift An Incredible One Billion Pounds

That’s like lifting the Washington Monument six times.

Black Box VR is a one-of-a-kind gym that combines fitness and gaming to deliver a challenging workout enhanced by VR technology. After slipping into a VR headset, members use real-world machinery to engage in a science-backed resistance training + HIIT cardio workout program.

With gyms in California, Idaho, and Arizona, Black Box VR has members located across the United States. The community is so dedicated, in fact, the company states that its “hero” members have lifted over one billion pounds in VR.

That’s roughly the same weight as the Burj Kalifa, the tallest building in the world, or the equivalent of lifting the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier five times. In a new infographic released by the company, we gain some additional insight into these impressive numbers.

According to Black Box VR, community members have completed 1,282,139 sets in VR. That’s 19,498,268 reps in total with an average weight of 51lbs and a max weight of 240lbs. The infographic even goes into detail regarding the various exercises performed, from cable squats and chest presses to bicep curls and standing rows.

Image Credit: Black Box VR

Much like a regular gym, Black Box VR members pay a monthly fee for access to the facility. Using a dedicated companion app, members can book a 30-minute session in their own private booth.

Black Box VR’s workout regiment is centered around an original gaming experience that tasks players with collecting heroes and defeating enemies by performing a variety of full-body exercises. These movements translate to in-game attacks; the more weight you add, the more damage you inflict. Each battle lasts 30 minutes and is composed of three sets of six compound movements that target various aspects of your body.

Image Credit: Black Box VR

As you continue to exercise you’ll unlock additional characters and increase your overall level. The system automatically tracks your progress and adjusts the weight accordingly to offer a consistently challenging experience. These metrics can be tracked using the aforementioned companion app.

For more information on Black Box VR visit the official website here.

Source: VR Fitness Insider

Feature Image Credit: Black Box VR

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