Björk Teases New Trailer for ‘Family’ VR Video

The artist is one step closer to an entire VR version of her album.

Björk has been one of the biggest fans of VR. The music artist was early to jump on board the immersive medium, releasing a 360° music video experience early 2015 for “Stonemilker” from the album Vulnicura. This Summer, Björk went even further, hitting the road with a global tour of The Björk Digital exhibition that featured three more VR music videos with plans to complete the full Vulnicura VR album in the coming months.

“I feel the chronological narrative of the album is ideal for the private circus virtual reality is, a theatre able to capture the emotional landscape of it,” Björk said in a statement on her website at the time.

Now Björk has released a teaser for her latest upcoming VR music video for the Vulnicura track “Family,” another step towards an entirely VR version of the album.

The teaser trailer is part of Björk’s installation for RBMA Montreal, which is the latest location for her ever-developing VR project. This exhibition is organized by the Manchester International Festival and is on view at DHC/ART from October 15 to November 12, 2016. Previous locations have included London, Tokyo and Sydney.


The “Family” VR music video will have its world premiere at the exhibition and is directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, with co-creative direction by Björk and James Merry, commissioned by Phoebe Greenberg and Penny Mancuso, from Phi, and Red Bull Music Academy.

“Stonemilker” was the opening track from Vulnicura that was shot in Iceland and also directed by Andrew Huang.

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