Björk Reveals Music Video for ‘Notget’ VR Experience

You can now watch a 2D video version of Björk’s latest VR music experience.

This isn’t Björk’s first VR rodeo, and it likely won’t be the last. The Icelandic art-pop singer released the full version of the VR music video for Notget, off of her 2015 LP, Vulnicara, after releasing a teaser for the video last November.

Slightly over the six-minute mark, the video features an animated, armored avatar of Björk that moves and dances underwater in an exotic oceanic world. The avatar later appears to be lit with fire in a visually stunning sequence that fully matches the dark, epic vibe of the song.

The video below is a 2D version of Björk’s VR experience cut into a music video.

The creative team, led by Björk herself, held no punches for the high concept feature. Directed by Warren Du Perez and Nick Thornton Jones, who have an extensive history of collaborating with the singer, the video’s artistic direction was meticulously thought out.

“We wanted the surfaces to alter materials, emit light, and look interesting throughout the entire piece, as it was driven by the underlying motion-capture performance,” said Matt Chandler of VFX studio Analog.

Notget is the fourth VR video released from Vulnicara, following Black Lake, Stonemilker, and a trailer for Family. Fans will be happy to know they can expect more VR experiences to come, as the singer has openly expressed her admiration for the platform.

“I feel the chronological narrative of the album is ideal for the private circus virtual reality is: a theatre able to capture the emotional landscape of it,” said Björk in tandem with the release of Björk Digital.

Originally released as part of the Björk Digital exhibition in Houston last December, the online version of Notget VR was released to the public Monday and combines high resolution 3D scans, an on location holostudio, motion capture videogrammetry, and real-time spatial audio design.

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