Bigscreen Is Working On Its Own Ultra-Slim VR Headset

Bigscreen Beyond is scheduled to begin shipping in Q3 2023 for $999.

Originally released back in 2016, Bigscreen VR is a unique app that allows you to watch movies and TV with friends in VR. You can even connect your computer and stream your favorite PC games to a private lobby for an extra immersive gaming experience.

This week the company behind the app, Bigscreen, unveiled its very own VR headsets, Bigscreen Beyond. According to the official website, the ultra-slim headset is 6x smaller than competing VR headsets thanks in large part to its use of pancake optics. Speaking of displays, Beyond features dual 1-inch OLED displays with a resolution of 5120 × 2560 and a refresh rate of up to 90Hz, promising sharp, smooth visuals.

The following is a more detailed list of specs (as provided by Bigscreen):

  • 127 grams total weight
  • 143.1 mm length / 52.4 mm width
  • 5120 × 2560 resolution
  • 90Hz refresh rate
  • 28 pixels per degree (PPD)
  • 90×93-degree field-of-view (FOV)
  • Stereo microphones
  • Proximity sensor
  • Replaceable USB-C cable
  • USB accessory port
  • Magnetic face cushion
  • SteamVR compatibility
Credit: Bigscreen

Bigscreen Beyond is compatible with SteamVR, which means you’ll have access to a massive catalog of AAA games and apps. The headset works in tandem with SteamVR base stations, controllers, and accessories, such as Valve Index controllers, Tundra Tracker, and HTC Vive Tracker.

For an additional price, you can pick up the Audio Strap, and improved headstrap with built-in audio, for $99, as well as custom prescription lenses with astigmatism support up to -10.00. The headset itself comes in five sizes with an IPD range of 58-72mm. Sizes are determined by scanning your face using an iPhone XR or newer. If you don’t own an iPhone you’ll need to borrow a friend’s; according to Bigscreen, a 3D Face Scan is required in order to manufacture your personal headset.

Credit: Bigscreen

Bigscreen Beyond is scheduled to launch in Q3 2023 for $999. Pre-orders are open now over at Each purchase comes with a Bigscreen Beyond VR headset, custom face cushion, soft strap, fiber optic USB-C cable, and Link Box.

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Feature Image Credit: Bigscreen

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