Bigscreen VR Launches On-Demand Content In Response To Increased Traffic

Bigscreen continues to grow by launching on-demand movies and events.

Since its launch on PC VR headsets back in 2016, socialVR entertainment platform Bigscreen has seen thousands of people from all around the globe jumping into VR to enjoy 3D films like Star Trek: Into Darkness and Interstellar alongside both friends and total strangers.. It’s been a huge success for the company, for movie fans, and socialVR in general.

With users around the world currently under lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, Bigscreen has seen a massive spike in usage as users search for an alternative way to watch films, socialize with others, and escape their homes. A few of the more creative users are even going on romantic dates.

As great as this increased traffic has been for the company, however, it has also created several new issues, primarily a lack of new content for those who’ve already binged their way through the existing catalog of TV and film.

In response, Bigscreen has announced the launch of new On-Demand content designed to meet the demand for additional content. This includes social events with “Movies” and “Events” that you can jump into anytime of the day regardless of your particular timezone.

When Bigscreen Cinema first launched, it was set up to show 4 movies per week with showtimes every 30 minutes. This approach was inspired by how many real-world movie theaters operated, but because of the new flow of globally quarantined users, this strict release schedule is no longer sufficient.

The new On-Demand Bigscreen will now provide an entire library of 2D and 3D movies that are always available at any hour, no matter what time zone you’re in. This gives you full flexibility to watch what you and your friends want to watch, when you want. There are 20 different private movie theaters to choose from. Here you can throw popcorn and soda at each other, and even talk during the movie without upsetting the people around you.

As previously mentioned, Bigscreen now offers an “Events” menu that will bring people together from all over the world for limited one-time only live events that include public 3D movie screenings, live rocket launches, sporting events, music festivals, conferences, and much more.

This new approach brings the “best of both worlds” according to a Bigscreen press release, creating the best social experience in “Events” and total flexibility, privacy, and control in “Movies”.

This is just the beginning for Bigscreen. Up next are a bunch of free features that will bring new functionality to the Oculus Quest, such as a dedicated video player. There is also a partnership with a new movie studio in the works that the company isn’t ready to announce just yet. If you’ve never watched a movie in Bigscreen, I highly recommend you do. The 3D is really amazing.

Bigscreen’s new On-Demand content is available now on Oculus Quest and PC VR. Tickets for movies and events start at $3.99.

Image Credit: Bigscreen, Inc.

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