Score Big Discounts On App Lab Games With VR Collection

The same minds behind Lab Surprise return with even more ways to save on indie VR games for the Oculus Quest.

With the arrival of VR platforms like App Lab and SideQuest, VR developers have been given new avenues to showcase their games and apps prior to official Oculus Store approval. Unfortunately, finding these titles among the growing catalog of indie games and apps only continues to become more difficult.

This past April, 23 developers banded together to rectify this issue with the launch of Lab Surprise, the first-ever VR bundle composed exclusively of Oculus App Lab games. Every time users visited the page, they were presented with a new random bundle featuring two to three VR games (19 in total). You could reveal each game by clicking on the digital egg, though each time you did you lowered the overall discount. By purchasing the entire bundle as a blind box, you’d receive an impressive 75% discount; the more you knew, the less you saved.

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After receiving a positive response from the community, organizers have returned with an updated version of their VR roulette platform, one that offers even more chances to save.

Similar to Lab Surprise, VR Collection allows you to score big discounts on indie VR games by purchasing titles together as a bundle. Each time you visit VR Collection, you’ll be presented with a new blind bundle of two to five VR games for the Oculus Quest. If you purchase the bundle blind, you’ll unlock a killer 50% discount. If you’d rather know what you’re buying ahead of time, you can click on the page to reveal each of the games included as part of the package. This will also reduce the discount to just 15%. So, the bigger the risk, the greater the reward.

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Once you purchase a bundle, you’ll be immediately presented with key codes that can be redeemed on the Oculus Store. You’ll also receive a follow-up email containing the same codes just in case. Apps include Peco Peco, RealFit, Quest for Runia, Rhythm ‘n Bullets, Deism, Sep’s Diner, and Realms of Eternity just to name a few.

One of the most important new features of VR Collection is the Collector ID system. After you’ve made your first purchase, you’ll be given a unique Collector ID which is used to track which apps you’ve unlocked. This is done in order to prevent duplicate purchases so you don’t end up buying the same apps over and over again. Each game and app you purchase can be viewed as a collectible trading card via your own personal collectors’ page. According to Julien Dorra, one of the organizers behind Lab Surprise and VR Collection, this trading card format could one day be used to help differentiate this growing catalog of games and apps using stats.

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“One thing we learned is that people like to collect games. Honestly, when we launched Lab Surprise, we thought that people would like to buy one bundle and then be over with it; just for the novelty effect,” explained Dorra while speaking to VRScout. “But in fact, we had a lot of players buying three, four, five bundles because they really wanted to collect. It was very surprising for us. People want to buy as many games as they can, especially if there is a discount because it’s easier for them to take a chance on an unknown game.”

I think it’s part of the way we relate to games today. Sometimes we like to [purchase] them when we can because we know that at some point—like a book—we’re not going to [play] them right now, but in six months

To get started building your indie VR game collection visit here.

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