BHaptics Announces $299 VR Haptic Gloves

TactGlove is compatible with hand tracking systems like the Meta Quest and Leap Motion.

Since its foundation in 2015, haptic technology company bHaptics has released several VR-ready haptic suits compatible with over 100 games and apps, from VR rhythm games like Beat Saber to action-adventure games like Half-Life: Alyx, with the list growing every day. Unlike other full-body haptic suits, the TactSuit X40 and TactSuit X16 are aimed at consumers rather than arcades, offering a cost-effective entry to VR haptics.

Recently, the company announced TactGlove, its first consumer-friendly haptic gloves designed for use with compatible camera-based hand tracking systems like Meta Quest and Ultraleap’s Leap Motion. The gloves feature 10 Linear Resonant Actuators (LRA) located at each fingertip. These individual motors arecapable of delivering “delicate and sophisticated feedback” and are controlled via the bHaptics SDK. According to the company, utilizing a camera-based system allows them to improve the quality of haptic feedback while reducing the overall price.

Image Credit: bHaptics

“We are committed to connecting people through the haptic technology and TactGlove truly marks a milestone in that sense because it allows people to have a realistic interaction not only with virtual objects, but also with their friends and colleagues in VR/AR settings at a very affordable price.” said Kiuk Gwak, CEO of bHaptics in an official release. “We are excited to see changes that TactGlove will bring to the virtual interaction as we move into the Metaverse era.”

The gloves feature 4 hours of wireless playtime and will be available for purchase at $299 per pair.

TactGlove is made from stretch fabric and will be available in three sizes at launch: Medium, Large, and Extra Large. There’s also a set of inner gloves which can be easily washed between uses. In terms of compatibility, the gloves currently support a small handful of games and apps centered around hand-tracking. This includes Unplugged: Air Guitar, Hand Physics Lab, and bHaptics Player. Those attending this years’ CES can try the gloves out for themselves along with bHaptics lineup of full-body haptic suits.

The company states that it will begin distributing TactGlove Developer Kits in Q2 2022 followed by an official consumer launch later that year. For more information on TactGlove and bHaptics full-body haptic suits visit here.

Feature Image Credit: bHaptics

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