Best Forklift Operator Is The VR Simulator We Need Right Now

At last, a VR forklift simulator that’s worth playing.

This week video game publisher Gamedust announced that its upcoming VR forklift game Best Forklift Operator will feature full VR support on PC VR headsets at launch. Available in Early Access on Steam in 2022, the VR simulator promises to immerse you in a variety of realistic warehouses and yards where you’ll be tasked with moving various goods.

The game will feature full motion control support, allowing you to operate the forklift with your own two hands. If you’re not OSHA-certified to operate a forklift, you can brush up on your skills via a dedicated training mode. Once you’ve gotten a handle on the vehicle, you can take your skills to Career Mode.

As you advance through your career, you’ll be tasked with progressively more difficult assignments. If you drop or damage a product, you’ll lose money.There’s also an Arcade Mode that transforms the warehouse yard into a makeshift rally track where you’ll race for the best time without destroying cargo. While not a multiplayer game per se, a global leaderboard will allow you to compare your scores against other players around the world.

Image Credit: Gamedust

“Best Forklift Operator allows the player to become the operator of the forklift – an everyday unnoticed cog that turns out to be crucial in a world’s long supply chain,” said Gamedust in an official release. “Every day, forklifts and their operators move hundreds of thousands of tons of goods around the world, ensuring smooth operations in factories, ports, and warehouses.”

Best Forklift Simulator is scheduled to launch in Early Access on PC VR headsets via Steam in 2022. The game will be available in both flat-screen and VR mode at launch.

Feature Image Credit: Gamedust

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