Go Behind-the-Scenes for this Epic VR Moto Experience

Ride alongside nine-time X Games motocross gold medalist Ronnie Renner and professional snowboarder Mark Landvik through some incredible sand dunes in virtual reality.

Now available on Samsung Gear VR, cinematic production studio Brain Farm is giving us a behind-the-scenes look at their wild moto experience series shot in collaboration with Samsung for the Milk VR platform.

Filmed on location at the St. Anthony sand dunes in Idaho, the two-day shoot includes mounting 360° camera rigs to RZRs, freestyle motocross bikes, and even a serious looking high flying drone.


Brain Farm also worked in close collaboration with Radiant Images, who provided all the VR camera rigs and support with custom power solutions and stabilization. The Radiant Images team dreamed up some pretty creative camera systems that met the mobility demands of the shoot, including mounting 360° camera rigs on drones and gyro stabilized poles.


VR drone in action with additional 17 pounds of weight for the camera system, gimbal, and counterbalances.

Also unique to the shoot was the use of on set stitching with a team from VR Playhouse. In-between shots, footage was quickly stitched together and loaded up on a Gear VR headset for camera operators and production team members to review in 360°. A workflow process like this can be intense, but being able to preview 360° video footage in headset during a shoot can go a long way to setting up the next shot and ensuring optimal image capture throughout the constantly moving day.


GoPro 360 rigs let you feel like you are driving the freestyle motocross bikes

This behind-the-scenes video gives viewers a glimpse into the world of creating live-action virtual reality. With a crew of 50 people on hand, it looks like quite a production. And based on the final footage, it was totally worth it.

“Virtual reality is an amazing platform that’s really reemerging right now and I think it’s going to go big places,” comments Chad Jackson, Executive Producer at Brain Farm. “It’s exciting and great for taking people to places that they would never be able to go.”

Getting that darn counterbalance just right.

Getting that darn counterbalance just right.


Having some fun after the shoot with the 360 body harness.

And always end with a dune party.

And always end with a dune party.

“Virtual Joyride” gives viewers a fully immersive 360-degree video experience that is available to view with your Gear VR in the Milk VR app. You can also watch the video on desktop by going to the Milk VR website.

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