Behind the Scenes Look of Suicide Squad’s VR Experience

Last week during Comic-Con International, we popped into a bar converted into a high security prison where Warner Bros. and Samsung showed off their latest Suicide Squad VR experience.

Winding through long halls of barbed wire and prison cells in this recreated Belle Reve penitentiary space, we got our first look at the 360° video on Gear VR headsets while sitting on swivel chairs strapped with SupPac haptic vests.


Now Samsung has released a behind-the-scenes look at what went into making this VR experience alongside the actual cast of the movie.

As we originally reported, the Squad 360 VR experience drops you into the world of Suicide Squad through two unique fight scenes — one utilizing a cable camera and the other making use of a first-person POV 360° system.


Warner Bros. worked with MPC on the cable camera shot that slowly tracks through the sequence, where you as the viewer follow over the shoulder of the Squad, walking into the scene and seeing the entire attack play out.


The second scene, created in collaboration with Legend 3D helped further the experience even more, putting a rig on the main characters. The team created a camera system that was able to wrap around the characters head that still gave them the ability see peripherally and move completely through the complicated fight sequences.


Both scenes immersed you well into the action-packed scene, but it was the first-person perspective scene that gave us the most challenges when it came to motion-sickness as you blasted and batted villains in a sea of cubicles. Although the first-person perspective can be tricky when viewed in a VR headset, it sure looks badass from the behind-the-scenes video.


No word yet exactly when the Squad 360 experience will hit Samsung VR, but hopefully soon enough as the Suicide Squad film opens nationwide on Friday, August 5.

Image Credit: Samsung Mobile USA YouTube

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