You Are The Avatar In ‘Ascending – Dojo’ On SteamVR & Quest

Harness the elements of earth, wind, and fire using intuitive VR controls in this mystical VR RPG experience.

Developed by Selfox, Ascending – Dojo is an upcoming VR RPG that lets you harness the power of earth, wind, and fire to unleash devastating attacks. You can create a fireball and torch a target made out of straw, or summon the ground below you to create a wall to protect yourself.  

Think of it like Avatar: The Last Airbender in VR. Need I say more?

The world of Ascending – Dojo is a mystical one. Hundreds of years ago, a mysterious comet crashed on a remote island here on planet Earth. The impact unleashed a cloud of cosmic forces that gave humans the ability to control the elements. Some would use these newfound mystical powers for good; others, to do battle. This was the beginning of the Ascension Ceremony, a rite of passage in which young warriors prove to the elders that they have mastered their powers.

In Ascending – Dojo, you play the role of a young warrior whose older brother has mysteriously disappeared shortly after completing his Ascension ceremony. Now it’s up to you to complete the ceremony and unlock the mystery behind your brother’s disappearance. 

You will be challenged physically as you learn to master your powers through different movements. You can use your newfound powers to perform various attacks as well as defensive abilities. But you’ll also need to be mentally sharp to master every challenge. 

The ceremony won’t be easy. Not only will you have to prove your mastery of each of the elements, you’ll also have to master knowledge on the following (as provided by Selfox):

  • Cast abilities – This is mastered by showing that you can correctly execute a sequence of movements. Casting a mystical power will require you to do a specific sequence of physical movements while, at the same time, pressing specific buttons on your controllers to create the right hand gestures in order to use your powers.
Image Credit: Selfox
  • Learn abilities – For this, you will have to dig deep into an entirely mystic level of consciousness. The deeper level of consciousness you go, the more direct connection you’ll have with your inner power to learn new abilities through new movement sequences. 
  • Artifacts – Finding an artifact will empower you to focus your mystical powers and serve as a connective bridge to a much deeper level of consciousness. Not all artifacts are the same however. Each one will require you to have different amounts of EXP (Experience point).
  • Weapons – Besides mystical abilities, you also have weapons that you’ll need to master to complete your training. 
  • Environments – Master your natural environment by exploring your island. In your journey you will discover secrets, puzzles, new powers, and face-off against evil creatures. 

Master all of these during your Ascension ceremony and take that knowledge with you as you embark on a path to find your missing brother.

Ascending – Dojo is set to launch in 2022 starting with alpha and beta phases exclusive for backers through the Selfox Kickstarter campaign. The full game will be priced at around $15 – $25 and will be available on SteamVR, Oculus Quest via SideQuest, and Viveport.

To learn more about Ascending – Dojo, check out the Selfox Discord.

Feature Image Credit: Selfox

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