Become A VR Fashion Icon With This Exclusive Avatar Clothing

Act fast to score some high-end virtual threads thanks to a new partnership between RTFKT and Ready Player Me.

VR avatar platform Ready Player Me and metaverse fashion house RTFKT have teamed up to launch a new line of collectable accessories inspired by some of the digital fashion leaders’ most popular items.

For a limited time, Ready Player One users can claim over $100,000 worth of exclusive RTFKT items designed to help set you apart from the pack, whether you’re perusing the virtual worlds of VRChat or connecting with coworkers on Mozilla Hubs.

As previously mentioned, these futuristic virtual threads take hints of inspiration from popular RTFKT original clothing, including the “Cyber Sneakers,” “Fewo Shoes,” and “Meta Jacket.” The result is a unique pair of sci-fi meets streetwear ensembles guaranteed to leave any cyberpunk fan drooling at the mouth.

As is the case with most high-end fashion lines, however, scarcity equals value. That being said, these virtual accessories will only be available to users for a limited time, so you’ll need to move quickly to claim your free swag.

“We are delighted to be able to partner with a brand held in such high regard as RTKFT, a respected metaverse brand with whom we share very strong vision and synergy,” said Timmu Tõke, CEO at Ready Player Me, in an official release.

“Wearing RTFKT in the Metaverse is an immediate status symbol. We want RTFKT to be present in as many worlds as possible, so partnering with Ready Player Me and allowing our collectors and fans to wear RTFKT across so many platforms and ecosystems was an easy decision for us,” added Benoit Pagotto, Co-Founder of RTFKT.

To score your own pair of virtual threads, head over to on a smartphone or web browser and take a selfie to automatically generate a custom 3D avatar. From here, you can manually customize your digital likeness, including your hair, skin tone, eye color, and other physical features.

Here you can also access two different RTFKT ensembles; one featuring the “Meta Jacket” and “Cyber Sneakers,” the other the “Fewo Shoes.” If you already have a Ready Player Me account, simply log in using the link provided above and create an additional avatar to access the new clothing options.

Both ensembles will be available 100% free of charge for a limited time via the Ready Player Me hub, so don’t wait too long.

Released this past month by the hard-working team over at Wolf3D, the Ready Player Me hub enables you to use the same 3D avatar across a growing catalog of VR games and apps, allowing you to establish a universal digital identity across the shared metaverse.

For more information on the Ready Player Me platform visit here.

Feature Image Credit: RTFKT

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