Beat Saber Teases Mysterious New Block Type

Speculation is already rampant.

This week developer Beat Games teased a new block type on its way to the ultra-popular VR rhythm game Beat Saber. In a tweet posted yesterday to their official Twitter account, the company shared a picture featuring a classic Beat Saber block sliced into several even layers.

The post was accompanied by the message, “What’s this? Wrong answers only.”

Since then, Beat Games Lead Level Creator Josh ‘Freeek’ Joynes has confirmed that the block shown in the photo is, in fact, a new type, saying, “It’s a new type, not a conversion. Old maps will be untouched. It was thought about but ultimately this was the best decision. :).”

While this may sound like a relatively small addition, Joynes claims that this latest feature is over 40 months in the making. That said, we still know little to nothing about this new block type. Since the reveal, a good portion of the community has begun speculating that this could be a new type of “slider” block designed to introduce more fluid VR movements, such as those featured in other VR rhythm games like Synth Riders and Supernatural.

Since its early access launch on PC VR headsets in November 2018, Beat Games has supported the title with regular game updates and downloadable music packs but has overall refrained from tampering with the original game mechanics.If the theories about a potential “slider” block are true, this could mark the first major alteration to the games’ core gameplay, not including unofficial mods developed and released by the community.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more about this mysterious new block type soon. Until then, you can pick up Beat Saber for $29.99 on Quest, PC VR, and PlayStation VR headsets.

Feature Image Credit: Beat Games

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