Modder Turns ‘Beat Saber’ Into Super Mario Bros. Themed Platformer

Old-school gaming meets modern VR in this uniquely-crafted custom map.

Since the launch of the popular VR rhythm game back in 2018, players have been having a field day designing their own custom beat maps set to a catalog of unlicensed music. This includes everything from a Fall Guys-inspired map that replaces the colored blocks with bean people to a custom track set to the entire Shrek film.

Earlier this month, VR and mixed reality content creator Mawntee upped the ante even further with a custom Beat Saber map inspired by Super Mario Bros. that transforms the game from VR rhythm slasher to VR platformer.

In a video posted to YouTube, Mawntee shows off the carefully-crafted map in all its 8-bit glory. Set to the song “DADADADA (kidnun super mario mix)” by Wuki, the creator can be seen speeding through a neon-infused rendition of a classic 2D Mario course, jumping from pipe to pipe and slicing through multiple Goomba’s along the way. TougeVR offers an alternative angle of the map, using mixed reality capture to create a classic 2D perspective similar to that of the original game. The result is a hilarious homage to classic 8-bit gaming unlike anything you’ve seen yet in Beat Games’ immensely-popular VR rhythm experience.

That being said, there is some trickery being had in the background. Jumping, for instance, happens automatically as you make your way through the map. You can, however, destroy the Goomba’s with your sabers as if striking standard note blocks.

Those interested in trying the map out for themselves will need a copy of Beat Saber as well as several additional mods, including “Chroma” and “Noodle Extensions.” These add-ons are available exclusively on PC VR headsets; sorry Quest and PSVR users. The custom map can be downloaded here.

Beat Saber is available now for $29.99 via the Oculus Store and SteamVR.

Image Credit: TougeVR

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