Beat Saber Launches Free Update: Six New Songs, Custom Color Picker Included

Six new artists, customizable color patterns, and a variety of tweaks & improvements.  

Earlier this morning, Beat Games, the developer behind the hit VR rhythm slasher Beat Saber, announced the release of a free new update that includes six new songs from six different artists, additional customization options, and a plethora of minor improvements.

Available now on all VR platforms, OST 3 (Original Soundtrack 3) features the following tracks:

  • “Burning Sands” by Boom Kitty
  • “Full Charge” by Pixl
  • “Give A Little Love” by Pegboard Nerds
  • “Immortal” by Slippy
  • “Origins” by Jaroslav Beck and Jan Ilavsky featuring Mutrix 
  • “Reason For Living” by Morgan Page

In addition to OST 3, today’s update also includes the new Custom Color Picker option, which allows you to change the colors of the blocks, your two sabers, as well as the physical obstacles and lighting.

Other improvements include level environment override, more precise swing angle detection, improved lighting, corrections to “WHAT THE CAT!?” beatmaps, the removal of a specific bug that caused sporadic game corruption, as well as adjustments to the start positions and speed of the Expert+ difficulty mode for a handful of tracks. 

This year alone Beat Games has released a paid DLC pack featuring 10 tracks from Imagine Dragons, a free update that included three songs from dance/electronic musician Camellia, and an official PC-based level editor. They’ve even teased the addition of 360-degree levels, which turn up the chaos by throwing multiple blocks at you from several different angles. No word yet on when can expect to get our hands on this exciting new mode. 

Beat Saber is available for $30 via Oculus, SteamVR, and PlayStation VR. The OST 3 update is available for free on all platforms beginning today.

Featured Image Credit: Beat Games

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