GDC 2019: Beat Saber Will Be An Oculus Quest Launch Title

VR’s best-selling title is confirmed for release on the upcoming standalone headset.

This years highly-anticipated Game Developers Conference kicked-off with a bang today as Oculus confirmed the release of Beat Games’ insanely popular beat-slashing rhythm game on the upcoming Oculus Quest.

According to an official blog post released by Oculus earlier this morning, the Quest version of Beat Saber will be identical to the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PSVR releases, with exception of course to the custom songs available on through modding on both the Rift and Vive.

“Playing Beat Saber on Oculus Quest allows you to make literally any move you want,” states Beat Games Head of Marketing Michaela Dvorak, in the official release. “You can easily add that extra dance move, and that feeling when you don’t have to watch out for any cables is priceless. I’m a big fan of Rift, but Beat Saber on Quest is a whole new level of experience! Visuals look absolutely stunning, gameplay is smooth and polished, and tracking is just great. Watching the game evolve on this platform was pretty exciting.”

In an interview with Oculus, Dvorak goes on to express his excitement for the Oculus Quest and what it could mean for the VR industry as a whole.

“Free movement in VR is very important, especially with games where you have to move a lot. For me, the biggest plus is the accessibility of these types of devices. No PCs, no cables, no waiting—you just put it on and play. You can take it anywhere with you and show it to your friends and family. With standalone headsets entering the market, more people will be excited to get into VR.”

Beat Saber running on the Oculus Quest / Image Credit: Beat Games

“I am 100% sure that Oculus Quest will change everything. VR is going to finally become a technology literally for everyone. No limitations—not the space, nor the price, nor overcomplicated setup. VR is going to break into our lives and give us totally new possibilities.”

Based on some playful teasing by the developer back in September of last year, we had our suspicions the popular rhythm game would be making its way to the highly-anticipated headset, but it’s exciting to receive an official confirmation by Oculus non-the-less. Beat Saber recently broke one million sales, becoming the first VR game in history to achieve that level of success. It’s only March and 2019 is already shaping up to be Beat Saber’s biggest year yet.

With GDC 2019 just kicking-off, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Quest-related announcements. With a whopping five days of conference still ahead of us, we’re about to be hit by a wave of new reveals and exciting debuts. 

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