‘Beat Saber’ Meets Traditional Polka In This Hilarious VR Accordion Experience

My dream of starting a virtual polka band is slowly becoming a reality.

What do you get when you combine the most popular VR rhythm game available on headsets with traditional Czechoslovakian polka music? It’s a question we’ve all been asking ourselves these last few years. And thanks to developer Daniel Beauchamp, we finally have our answer.

Better known by his online handle “Pushmatrix”, Beauchamp has spent the past year developing some truly bizarre hand-tracking experiences for the Oculus Quest, from a physics-driven haircutting simulator and miniature Beat Saber experience to VR Jenga and virtual Chia Pet.

Earlier today, Beauchamp showed off his latest creation, a Beat Saber-inspired VR rhythm game in which the player uses Oculus Quest hand-tracking to control a virtual accordion as they move to the beat of a bumping electronic polka track.

Whereas the original Beat Saber revolves around slicing bricks with two neon lightsabers, Beachamp’s version instead has players manipulating two ends of a virtual accordion to hit each corresponding block.

Like many of Beauchamp’s hand-tracking projects, it’s unlikely we’ll ever get our hands on this hilarious polka-inspired experience, which is a shame considering how fun this “techno-ccordion” looks to perform. You can, however, check out his app Handscape on SideQuest to experiment with a variety of mind-bending hand-tracking demos.

For more incredible hand-tracking experiences, follow Beauchamp on Twitter.

Image Credit: Daniel Beauchamp

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