Beat Saber Tournament Looks To Become World’s Largest VR Arcade Event

Over 120 arcades have signed on to participate in Virtual Athletics League’s upcoming International Beat Saber Tournament.

Since its official release back in May of this year, Beat Saber has taken the immersive world by storm, quickly becoming one of the most popular VR games currently in circulation. The addictive VR rhythm game has developed a fiercely competitive community composed of incredibly talented players, all of whom vying for the title of top Beater (That’s definitely not how it’s put).

To finally determine who’s top dog in this world of neon sword-dancing, the Virtual Athletics League has teamed up with SpringboardVR and LIV to host the International Beat Saber Tournament, a global competition open to the public taking place at participating VR arcades August 17th.

The 1-day competition features two formats in which participants can compete. The easiest event format available, Rolling High Score allows the public to compete throughout the enitirety of the day. The venue manages an ongoing scoreboard, keeping track of the highest scores for final submission at the end of the day. Competitors in this format are required to play the tracks “$100 Bills” and “Escape” on expert difficulty with “no fail mode” engaged.

Dedicated Events, on the other hand, require participating arcades to commit their entire venue to the Beat Saber competition for at least two full hours. Players are free to perform any track they’d like on expert mode up until the finals, where the remaining two competitors will duke it out over “$100 Bills” and “Escape.”

With over 120 VR arcade locations already signed on to participate as official tournament venues, the Virtual Athletics League hopes their upcoming tournament will become the largest VR arcade-hosted event in history.

If you’re a VR arcade interested in getting involved as an official location, visit here to submit your information and learn a little more about the registration process. Tournament organizers describe a VR arcade as an out-of-home business entity with at least two VR headset stations. Beat Saber arcade license required.

Think you have what it takes to bring home the yet-to-be-determined grand prize? Take a look at this map showcasing current participating VR arcades. VR Athletics League will update the map as more venues continue to sign up. You must be 13 or older to participate.

Image Credit: Beat Games / SpringboardVR / Virtual Athletics League

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