Official Beat Saber Arcade Machine Heading To Korea & China

VR’s most popular rhythm game is heading to VR arcades across Asia in the form of a next-gen arcade machine cabinet.

It’s been one hell of a year for block-slashing VR rhythm game, Beat Saber. Along with holding a massive global tournament that involved the participation of over 120 different VR arcades, Beat Games recently partnered with Springboard VR to launch Beat Saber Arcade, a company-sanctioned version of the hit game designed for commercial use by independent VR arcades.

As if these plans weren’t ambitious enough, the company has now revealed that a dedicated arcade machine rendition of the game will soon be made available in VR arcades throughout Asia.

Developed in partnership with SKonec Entertainment, the “Beat Saber Arcade Machine” offers a new way to experience VR’s most addicting music-based game without the need of assistance from arcade staff. According to MK News, the machine will allow players to instantly hop into the experience directly after they pay, keeping the setup process simple and the turnaround time short. A stream of updates will provide a steady catalogue of new music, such as hit K-POP tracks, for maximum popularity and relevance.

Beat Saber’s official Twitter states the first two arcade machines will be available this September at KVRF in South Korea and the GTI Expo in China, with additional locations on the way.

“This publishing contract is targeted at the version of the content developed by BitGames and the arcade device developed by Sconec Entertainment,” spoke Beat Games to MK News. “The service range includes various global regions besides Korea, China and Japan.”

Based on images provided by both MK News and VRFocus, it appears as though the machine can be operated using an HTC Vive or Windows Mixed Reality headset. Now word yet on which setup will be featured at the two premiere locations.

Image Credit: MK News / VRFocus / Beat Games

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