Beat Saber Adds New Music, Lighting, And Game Mechanics

One of the best VR rhythm games of all time just got even better.

Beat Saber this week received a major update that introduces a handful of exciting updates to the uber-popular VR rhythm game. Available now on VR headsets. 1.20.0 features everything from new music and lighting effects to unique game mechanics such as “Arc” and “Chain” notes, all for the low, low price of $0.00.

Starting today you can experience six new original songs (36 maps in total) designed exclusively for Beat Saber. This means no content ID restrictions, so feel free to stream and upload gameplay to your heart’s content. Here’s a full list of OST5 in its entirety:

  • Schwank: “$1.78”
  • EEWK: “’Curtains (All Night Long)”
  • Camellia: “Final-Boss-Chan”
  • Tanger: “Firestarter”
  • The Living Tombstone: “I Wanna Be A Machine”
  • Jaroslav Beck feat. Meredith Bull: “Magic”

In addition to the aforementioned music, 1.20.0 mixes up the core gameplay experience with Arc and Chain notes. Arc notes feature an elongated tail you must follow with the corresponding saber. Chain notes, on the other hand, look like normal blocks chopped up into thin slices. You must slice through all the pieces in order to score max points.

“The most exciting part of these new notes is that the core gameplay of the game is being changed in a way that hasn’t been done before. An incredible amount of care has gone into making them feel as core to the game as standard notes have always been,” said Beat Games Lead Level Creator Josh “Freeek” Joynes in an official blog update. “It feels fresh and new and genuinely allows for that connection to the music to be even stronger. The new notes also have new haptic vibrations to really pull you into the song even further.”

Developer Beat Games has also introduced updates to the official level editor. A new lighting system allows you full control of 136 individual lasers, letting you craft your own incredible light shows for other players to enjoy.

For more information on 1.20.0 and OST5 visit here.

Image Credit: Beat Games

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