Try Not To Drool Over This Cool BB-8 VR Demo

The unofficial RC simulator is the Star Wars VR game you never knew you needed.

The Star War series has already made it’s virtual reality debut with Trials on Tatooine in 2016 and Lucasfilm has no intention on slowing down its high-end content anytime soon. So it’s surprising that the Star Wars VR experience I’m most excited for is actually a small, unofficial experience that’s more of a tech demo than an actual game. So what about this little demo makes it the coolest virtual reality game based on the infamous sci-fi franchise? How about getting to control everyone’s favorite sphere-shaped droid, BB-8? Oh, now I have your attention.

In the short video posted by Reddit user pv_8, aka Pat Vince, the player appears to be able to control a virtual RC version of the precocious little robot by tilting the HTC Vive controllers in specific directions. The result is a fun-looking, physics-based experience that could potentially make for a highly-addicting game. The player in the video leads BB-8 through an array of obstacles such as weaving through traffic cones, balancing over a seesaw and barreling through an unlucky wall of boxes.

The whole time I couldn’t help but think about how cool it would be to play a Star Wars game with the mechanics of something like Super Monkey Ball. Imagine an entire virtual reality game played through the eyes of BB-8 as he infiltrates First Order compounds, carefully balancing his way through air ducts as he avoids detection. I mean the stuff writes itself!

star-wars-vr-bb8-2Unfortunately as stated previously this is an unofficial project that will almost certainly never see a release. Regardless the demo still looks like endless fun. While no download has been made available as of yet, pv_8 has stated that he will release a download link after some slight touch-ups.

Check out the creator’s YouTube page to check out some other Star Wars assets getting the virtual reality treatment.

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