Ballast’s VR Water Slides Are Getting A Major Upgrade

The waterproof VR headsets feature a gaze-based system that lets you collect coins as you zip down a waterslide.

Ballast VR is an insanely cool waterpark attraction that uses special waterproof VR headsets to immerse you in a variety of exciting experiences while zipping down a water slide. Available across the globe, the park is now introducing PLAY, an interactive version of its VRSlide and DIVR attractions.

Ballast VR’s new game tasks you with collecting as many virtual coins as you can while blasting your way through a variety of virtual obstacles.

Instead of motion controllers or a gamepad, PLAY uses a gaze-based system designed to monitor your head movements. You move a small target around to catch coins and other power-ups by simply looking around your virtual environment. Just make sure you keep your hands on the tube handles if you’re on a water slide so you don’t get hurt.

Stephen Greenwood, CEO of Ballast, said that the company’s new technology will allow guests to experience a deeper level of immersion and safety in their water experiences.

“Our goal is always to help our current and future partners breathe new life into their waterparks and resorts,” said Greenwood in a press release. “This new level of gameplay allows Guests to go from passive participants to active players. Whether snorkeling or riding a waterslide, we’re confident this new update will be something Guests will remember forever.”

Created by Ballast Technologies Inc., which has over 45 locations across 16 countries, plans on launching PLAY at all of its locations in Spring 2023. If you happen to be at the upcoming International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo in November, you can check out a demo.

Not sure if it will be an actual water slide demo, but bring your swimsuit just in case! To learn more, check out the Ballast website by clicking here.

Image Credit: Ballast Technologies Inc.

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