Autonomous Racing League Will Feature VR & AR Tech

Abu Dhabi wants to be “the world capital for extreme autonomous racing.”

Abu Dhabi is launching the Autonomous Racing League, a futuristic car racing series featuring artificial intelligence (AI) powered supercars. According to an official release, spectators will have access to live updates complete with augmented reality (AR) and VR infographics and real-time displays.

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The first race is scheduled to take place at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in Q2 2024 and will feature Dallara-built Super Formula cars provided by Japan Race Promotion, Inc. (JRP). These Super Formula cars are the fastest in the world (not including Formula One) and will be outfitted with autonomous technology, removing the need for a human driver.

The league was established by ASPIRE, the program development arm of Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), in an effort to advance R&D in autonomous vehicle technology.

As previously mentioned, the inaugural race will take place next year in Abu Dhabi. The competition will feature a generous prize pool of $2.25 million. The league is open to past autonomous racing teams, teams from universities, and public and private research institutes.

Credit: ASPIRE

“Autonomous racing is continuing to gather steam, given its significant potential to disrupt the future of transportation and mobility,” said Faisal Al Bannai, secretary general of the Advanced Technology Research Council. “We are proud to announce the Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League, where we will set new benchmarks for autonomous vehicles and help them pre-empt and prepare for unknown challenges as they become more mainstream.”

“In addition to creating a community platform for motorsports fans, the Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League will feature an open development model, supporting faster progress, faster testing, and greater innovation,” he added.

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