The Augmented Reality Landscape with Tipatat Chennavasin

“The best way to predict the future is to build it, the second best way is to fund it” – The VR Fund

Speaking all over the world and active on social media, Tipatat Chennavasin is one of the most well-recognized (and friendliest!) authorities in the VR/AR industry. With a deep background in creative design and mobile games, he co-founded the Venture Reality Fund with Marco DeMiroz in the beginning of 2016 – after becoming convinced of the power of virtual reality when he accidentally cured himself of a fear of heights while developing a VR experience.

Tipatat released a widely-circulated infographic resource in the spring of 2016. Called the Virtual Reality Landscape, the infographic is a darn good, quick overview of the biggest players in the space (by the way, stay tuned for a big update to the VR Landscape!).

vr-landscape-fullI interviewed Tipatat for the first time in March of 2016, and we talked about funding in VR/AR and got his investor’s perspective on the industry on the Real Virtual Show.

Tipatat recently released another infographic resource: the Augmented Reality Landscape.

I brought Tipatat on the Real Virtual Show again – this time to talk about augmented reality, the differences in VR and AR, trends in AR, and what needs to happen to help augmented reality technology succeed in the mainstream.

Check out the episode for Tipatat’s insights and to dive into the AR Landscape infographic category by category (time stamps below):

Infrastructure: minute 12:15

ar-landscape-tipatat-infrastructure“If you don’t have the hardware, you don’t get to build the software on top of it… The HMDs, to me, are what will really start AR… But because these HMDs are still being created and being formulated, there’s still a lot of work being done on the components.”

Tools/Platform: minute 15:55

ar-landscape-tipatat-tools-platform“The 3D reality capture here is so different than what we see on the VR side. In AR, you’re really dealing with holograms… things like 360 video just don’t make much sense. Really what you want is object capture – and this is where things like photogrammetry, volumetric capture, and lightfield technology become critical.”

Applications: minute 21:00

ar-landscape-tipatat-vr-applications“People always focus on AR for the enterprise, but we’re seeing a lot of examples of [mobile] AR games… and where [mobile] AR has taken off has been on the consumer side, like makeup genius/magic mirror apps, putting your furniture in your actual room, Snapchat filters, etc.”

Big ups to Tipatat for making these infographic overviews available as resources (FYI: these infographics are highlights of more in-depth VR and AR lists that Tipatat curates).

As a related sidenote, if you’re Tipatat’s 10,000th Twitter follower – he’ll paint your portrait in Tilt Brush… because he can do that.

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