Audio Trip Arrives On Oculus Quest This Week Alongside A Custom Level Creator

Burn up those calories with a brand new song and additional customizable features.

Kinemotik Studios had an awesome 2019 with the launch of their rhythmic dance VR hit, Audio Trip. Choreographed by a professional dancer, Audio Trip launches you into this psychedelic dance arena packed with fans cheering you on as you bust out killer dance moves to music from Lady Gaga, Skrillex, Zedd, and Deadmau5.

Not only is it a total blast to play, but it actually burns more calories than having sex!

Since its release, Audio Trip fans have been demanding a standalone release that doesn’t require an expensive PC in order to play. Well good news friends — your day has finally come! The booty-shaking, cardio-boosting, dance game finally arrives on Oculus Quest later this week!

On top of that, the Quest version of Audio Trip will also include a new track entitled “Golden Pineapple” by Austin, TX-based producer, Tolan.

For those who’ve never played Audio Trip, the rhythm-based VR game has you moving your entire body to the beat of a thumping soundtrack. Each track has you extending your arms towards glowing gems and ribbons of light, smashing on virtual drums, and avoiding incoming obstacles in order to rack up big points on the global leaderboard.

You’re playing a game while simultaneously receiving a killer workout.

“Audio Trip is the closest thing to having a professional choreographer in the room with you; what starts out as touching your [controls] to gems will soon have you realize you are actually dancing to the music,” said XR industry content creator and Audio Trip fan, Njna Grimsdottir, in an official press release. Grimsdottir adds, “I use dancing as therapy for stress and I’m also transgendered so it allows me to be in the guise of my true self while I’m in the process of transitioning in real life.”

The Quest version will also include a new custom choreography tool that will let you build your own dance routines using the pre-loaded songs in the game. Building out a new choreographed Audio Trip experience slightly resembles the process of recording music, only instead of looking at audio tracks on a 2D screen, you’re actually seeing the beats in a 3D setting. It looks a little complicated, but give it a little practice and before you know it you’ll be building awesome custom levels.

Once you’ve mastered level creation, you can take that knowledge and enter Kinemotik Studios and Andromeda Entertainment’s Choreography Contest. The contest begins May 7th at 10am PST, the same day as the games’ Oculus Quest release. To enter, all you have to do is create your own version of Golden Pineapple and then submit a video of you or a friend playing the level on the Audio Trip Discord Channel. The top submission will receive a prize of $1,000; second place gets $500, and the third place entry receives $250.

Zumba fanatic Katharine Baarsma told VRScout, “I love playing Audio Trip, especially on those days when I can’t make it to my Zumba class,” she continues, “I can play the game for hours and I always get an awesome workout.” When I asked her if she’d use the creator tools, Baarsma said, “I probably won’t bother using the custom tools, but that’s because the game is great as is. But I’m sure someone out there would love that option.”

Audio Trip arrives on the Oculus Quest on May 7th. Developer Kinemotik Studios has confirmed cross-buy support, meaning those who’ve already purchased the title on Rift will receive the Quest version free-of-charge upon its release.

Those looking for a killer workout in VR may also be interested in Supernatural on Oculus Quest. The fitness-focused platform uses a unique subscription-based model to deliver daily workouts conducted by professional trainers throughout a series of impressive 3D environments.

Image Credit: Kinemotik Studios, Andromeda Entertainment

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