Attend Class In VR With Immerse, A Language App For Quest 2

Imagine being late for school in the metaverse.

Immerse is an educational metaverse platform developed in collaboration with top researchers from North America, Europe, and Japan. According to the company, this “battle-tested” language-learning experience was designed from the ground up for VR headsets.

This week the platform made its official launch on the Meta Quest 2, offering subscribers everything from live Spanish and English lessons to community events, a multiplayer social lounge, and various other educational content.

As a member you’ll receive 12 live VR lessons per month, each of which lead by a language expert there to provide personalized feedback in real-time. You’ll also have 24/7 access to a VR social lounge where you can continue to develop your skills with other users via Live Conversation Practice. There are also weekly events the company hopes will help cultivate a community of learners.

After Facebook rebranded to Meta it became clear that the metaverse was going to fundamentally change how people work, play, and learn,” Quinn Taber, Founder and CEO of Immerse. “The time had come for virtual reality and the metaverse to no longer be thought of as a small add-on to the classroom, but instead for platforms to go direct-to-consumer and disrupt schools head-on.”

So our team began meeting with Meta’s teams, as well as with top social impact investors, to design a new virtual world built explicitly for a community of learners,” Taber added. “We are now on a mission to build the first thriving metaverse community that learns, teaches, and builds together…with VR language teaching and learning being our starting place.”

Immerse is available now on the Meta Quest 2 via the Quest Store with plans for cross device compatibility scheduled for the near future. While the app itself is free, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee of $44.99 in order to access the aforementioned content. Not exactly cheap, but can you really put a price on a quality education?… Of course not. Well, maybe. Okay, probably.

Image Credit: Immerse

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