These Artists Just Remixed An Epic Tilt Brush Star Wars Painting

Six artists, one giant collaborative VR painting.

We’ve already seen what’s possible when you get VR tools like Tilt Brush in the hands of artists. Whether bringing familiar childhood characters to life live on television or taking turns to create the ultimate hot dog VR sketch, Tilt Brush is a platform for limitless creation.

Tilt Brush by Google is a 3D painting tool that lets you paint in space. You can choose from a variety of brushes, colors, and effects. You can even remix Tilt Brush sketches, which means anyone can download, edit, add, and republish the sketch.

That’s why whenever we see artists band together to unleash the full creative potential of Tilt Brush remixing, we get excited. And that’s what one group of six artists did, all working on a single piece just in time for Star Wars: The Last Jedi that hit theaters this weekend.

One after the other, artists Estella Tse, Elizabeth Edwards, Anna Zhilyaeva, Micah404, 3Donimus, and Vladimir Ilic all took turns building on top of each other to create this epic Tilt Brush Star Wars painting.

Working over the past couple weeks, Tse took the lead with the logo and Darth Vader. Edwards added in a Storm Trooper, Zhilyaeva incorporated Master Yoda, 3Donimus went nuts with effects and Boba Fett. Then Micah404 came in for a stunning X-Wing, which were duplicated around the canvas space. Ilic knocked out Kylo Ren, leading into another round of each artist taking turns to add more detail. In the end, one pretty amazing and collaborative VR art piece.

Here are some of iterations below:

Fantastic work. We can’t wait to see other artists work collaboratively together like this in the future. The entire remix only proves that VR is always better with friends.

Looking to see more Tilt Brush paintings brought to life? Be sure to check out Art Attack on SoulPance that was created by VRScout. Watch an episode below:

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