Artist Projects A Virtual Uterus Over The Supreme Court

The creator of the 4th Wall AR app uses immersive technology to deliver a powerful statement.

Nancy Baker Cahill, a new media artist and the developer of 4th Wall, a popular augmented reality (AR) smartphone app, recently shared a video featuring her latest thought-provoking installation: a virtual uterus projected over the United States Supreme Court Building in Washington, D.C. using AR technology.

According to Cahil, the animated neon sculpture, entitled “State Property,” is meant to symbolize the “false promises” regarding maternal support and the “barbaric” state laws imposed by Republican legislation. At one point the digital organ explodes into several pieces; a nod to our “fracturing democracy, induced by redistricting, the erasure of voting rights.”

“Today we installed ‘State Property’ over the US Supreme Court Building in Washington D.C. to protest the emergent brutality leveled at over half of the population after this disgraced court overturned Roe v Wade,” said Cahill via Instagram.

“Barbaric state laws have since been proposed or passed across the country by Republican majority legislatures. We are now witnessing the beginning of these cruel externalities, including the criminalization of health care, of miscarriages, of health care providers, of safe medicine, and of pregnant citizens themselves. Forced birth is violent. Preventing access to contraception is their logical next move.”

Credit: TED

Cahill has become well-known for her particular blend of technology and public art. “State Property” is just the latest in her series of unique installations centered around subjects like the human body, systems of power, and perception just to name a few.

You can find more of Cahill’s art on her official website over at

Feature Image Credit: Nancy Baker Cahill

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