Art, Fear, and Virtual Reality

It’s scary to put yourself out there. To experience something that changes your view of just about everything. To upend your life in its pursuit. To make something hard, in an unclear world, for an audience that doesn’t really exist.

That’s what VR did to us, and what it has done to millions of people over the past couple years. It’s scary, and it’s something to celebrate.

So tonight we’re teaming up with some of our most creative friends in LA to celebrate art, fear, and virtual reality at the VRScout Haunted Mansion.

Live Performances Curated by VICE


We’ve assembled a lineup of extremely talented artists and musicians with VICE, TheWaveVR, and Ramsey Art.

  • Dersu
  • The Friendly Beard
  • Grimecraft
  • Jen Lasher
  • Meats Meier
  • PawPaws
  • Trek Thunder Kelly
  • Tyler Ramsey

HTC Vive Horror Experiences


We’re showcasing eight terrifying room-scale experience for the HTC Vive:

  • The Abbot’s Book, by Blackthorn Media
  • The Brookhaven Experiment, by Phosphor Games
  • A Chair in a Room, by Wolf and Wood
  • CTRL Collective Last Stand, by Fishermen Labs
  • Emily Wants to Play, by Shawn Hitchcock
  • Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shootin’ Gallery, by Spectral Illusions
  • Grave VR, by Broken Windows
  • Sisters, by Otherworld Interactive

Scary 360 Videos and Activations


Some of our favorite VR developers, artists, and filmmakers are showing off their spooky stories and works of art.

  • Catatonic, by Dark Corner & Here Be Dragons
  • Conjuring 2: Experience Enfield, by Warner Bros & Sunnyboy Entertainment
  • Eye for an Eye, by Filmatics
  • Five Nights at Candy’s, by Specular Theory & The Game Theorists
  • Boo + Candyman, by HoloFriends
  • Knives, by Adam Cosco
  • Mad God, by Phil Tippett & Wevr
  • Memos from Hell, by Prologue Immersive
  • Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, by Light Sail VR
  • Samskara, by Android Jones & Fu
  • Silent Rave, by TheWaveVR
  • The Strain, by Mirada

For those of you in LA, we can’t wait to hang tonight. For those fellow creators facing your fears and making something incredible in VR, drop us a line anywhere you see the @VRScout tag.

About the Scout

Eric Chevalier

Eric Chevalier co-founded VRScout after a decade of content marketing in sports, entertainment and gaming. When he isn't sandy, Eric is scouring the streets of Los Angeles in pursuit of the best new storytellers from Hollywood to Silicon Beach.

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