‘Army Of The Dead’ VR Game Has You Battling Zombies In A Taco Truck

Zack Snyder’s latest zombie flick gets its own location-based VR experience featuring a motorized taco truck.

Here’s the deal: Las Vegas is crawling with zombies. In order to prevent a global pandemic, the United States government has stacked thousands of shipping containers around the neon capital of the world, forming a makeshift prison for the hordes of undead now occupying the desert oasis.

Unfortunately, a group of citizens is still trapped inside the city of sin and it’s up to a crew of zombie-killing mercenaries called “Las Vengeance” to save them. To even stand a chance at surviving, however, they’re going to need some help. That’s where you come in.

Based on the new Zack Snyder zombie flick Army of the Dead on Netflix, Army of the Dead: Viva Las Vengeance will have you and your teammates climbing into an actual motorized taco truck (yes, you read that right…a motorized taco truck) for an insane 30-minute zombie-killing experience during which you feel everything—from the bumps on the road to the recoil of your gun—thanks to a unique combination of haptic feedback technology. Be warned, however, as this VR experience is full of big surprises! 

Your experience begins at base camp. Here you’ll receive a quick brief from Cruz, one of the Las Vengeance crew members. The plan is simple: get in, rescue the survivors, and get out. No promises on that last part. Cruz will then show you how to operate your weapon, sneak your way over the wall, and—most importantly—properly kill a zombie. From here, you’ll step into your tactical taco truck and embark upon your zombie-killing adventure.

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Like the movie, Viva Las Vengeance is chock full of intense zombie action. The experience takes Snyder’s vision of a zombie universe and brings it to life not only in VR, but the real world as well. 

This is meant to be an end-to-end immersive experience with absolutely no shortcuts. If you haven’t seen the movie, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to follow along with the action. That being said, watching the movie beforehand will definitely add to your experience.  

Image Credit: Netflix

You won’t need any type of special mercenary training to join the Las Vengeance team, just a ticket. Advance passes will be available online beginning June 3rd with prices starting at $24. Eager zombie-slayers can join the waiting list now to secure their spot on the tactical taco truck. The location-based VR experience launches this summer in New York and Los Angeles, followed by Las Vegas and Washington DC in the fall. Other major cities, such as Boston, Madrid, London, Berlin, and Chicago are also on the list.

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Army of the Dead: Viva Las Vengeance will follow all CDC guidelines and feature additional safety and hygiene measures to ensure the rest of the Las Vengeance team have a safe and fun zombie-killing experience.

Image Credit: Netflix

Army of the Dead: Viva Las Vengeance was created in partnership with Netflix, Pure Imaginations Studios, Fever, and The Stone Quarry.

For more information on Army of the Dead: Viva Las Vengeance, or to join the waitlist visit

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