AR Laser Pointer And Cat App Is Internet Gold

Laser Cat AR is a simple unfinished experiment. So why can’t I stop thinking about it?

Another day, another independent developer blowing minds on the internet with yet another intuitive ARKit application. Apple’s augmented reality developer platform has continued to be the birthplace of some of this years most interesting AR experiences from both amateur developers and professionals alike.

However it’s often the most bizarre creations from lesser-known names that end up making the biggest splash. As is the case with Laser Cat AR, a still-in-progress experiment from developer Abhishek Singh that lets users lead around a curious virtual feline with a laser pointer. Using the smartphone to direct the laser, the digital kitten ferociously chases the red laser dot to any point within the immediate 3D space. There also appears to be a virtual box in which the augmented furball can interact with depending on where the laser is pointed. 

“This is actually a really early prototype, decided to share this more as a work in progress than a finished piece so haven’t been working on it too long,” Singh told VRScout. “My motivation was pretty simple, I just thought it would be funny and the idea randomly popped in my head. And plus it’s cats and we all know the internet and cats go well together.”

“I might actually make it public specially after the response though it has some way to get there. Lots of great feedback and suggestions on reddit though I’m most interested in adding a wacky cat AI which has weird cat like behaviors. If any crazy bug shows up I could just blame it on the AI acting likes cat do. “

Singh is also responsible for creating that mind-blowing Super Mario HoloLens demo through New York.

Based on the footage provided of the application, while simple, does boast some impressive animation and tracking for an independent venture. Despite Laser Cat AR still being very much in its infancy, i’m already getting some serious Nintendog vibes from this project. With more development and added features, we could very well be seeing the beginning in a new renaissance for AR pets.

Much how like Tamagotchi and Nintendogs thrived on new technologies, AR could be the perfect platform for a new era in artificial pets. Imagine taking your augmented dog for a walk in the actual park by your house. Or chatting with your augmented parrot as it flies throughout your living room. Or playing with your ferret while sitting on the toilet. Okay, that last one came out a little wrong.

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