Arizona Sunshine’s Latest Oculus Quest Expansion ‘The Damned’ Is Its Biggest Yet

The celebrated zombie shooter is now available on Oculus Quest in its entirety.

Arizona Sunshine’s final story expansion “The Damned” is now available on Oculus Quest, marking the end of five months of scheduled content releases from developer Vertigo Games. In that time we’ve been introduced to new weapons, horde maps, missions, and protagonists, but nothing quite as ambitious as “The Damned.”

For those of you who may be out of the loop, here’s a quick recap: this past December Arizona Sunshine launched on Oculus Quest. That same month Vertigo launched its free “Two-Handed Weapons Update,” offering players a selection of more powerful weaponry, such as the AK-47, M1 Carbine, and M1A1 Thompson just to name a few. This was followed by the free “Old Mine Update,” which introduced a new dimly-lit map for horde mode.

In February we received the last free update, “Undead Valley,” a more complex horde map inspired by games like Call of Duty’s “Nazi Zombies.” Finally, in March, Vertigo released the “Dead Man” story expansion for $2.49, introducing players to a brand new protagonist who’s been sent on a suicide mission to launch a nuclear missile in hopes of quelling the growing zombie threat.

Today’s final update, “The Damned,” ends things with a bang, offering what could easily be considered the largest expansion so far. Set before the events of both the main Arizona Sunshine campaign as well as the Dead Man prequel, The Damned has you once again taking on the role of a US Special Forces operative sent on a dangerous mission through a dimly-lit facility chock full of flesh-hungry marauders. Unlike Dead Man, however, The Damned features a much wider variety of environments to explore.

The mission begins with you weaving through hordes of the undead as you navigate your way through a dark tunnel packed with random debris. Upon exiting the tunnel, you’ll find yourself staring out at a massive hydroelectric damn surrounded by vast network of canyons. The Damned takes great pleasure in moving you back-and-forth between claustraphopic underground facilities and large open spaces with epic scenery.

While the writing won’t be winning any awards any time soon, the jaw-dropping set pieces and impressive number of enemiesis more than enought o keepo you constantly entertained throughout your mission to restart the hydroelectric dam. Having already played through the entirety of Arizona Sunshine as well as the DLC and horde mode, I thought my days of fearing the undead were behind me. But after battling through the massive hordes of marauders littered throughout this gargantuan hydroelectric dam, I have a new-found respect for my flesh-hungry foes.

As for any future updatese, we’ll just have to wait and see. No doubt Vertigo is currently focusing its efforts on its upcoming co-op survival game After the Fall, which is scheduled to arrive on headsets sometime this year. Still, I hope this isn’t the last we see from the legendary zombie shooter. Arizona Sunshine is largely considered to be one of the first AAA VR experiences ever released, offering players a fully fleshed-out campaign unlike anything available at the time. Personally, it remains one of my favorite VR shooters, especially when played cooperatively with a friend.

Arizona Sunshine “The Damned” is available now on Oculus Quest for $4.99. You will need to own the base game first in order to play.

Image Credit: Vertigo Games

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