Arizona Sunshine’s ‘The Damned’ DLC Is Its Biggest Expansion Yet

‘The Damned’ DLC puts you in the shoes of a Special Forces soldier tasked with an impossible mission.

Arizona Sunshine is arguably the most polished VR zombie shooter available at the moment. Whether it’s the finely-tuned gun mechanics, well-structured environments, or refreshing narrative elements, very few immersive shooters are able to match the overall quality of Vertigo Games’ intense AAA experience.

Following the release of an official location-based rendition of the original PC VR release, Vertigo is back with new DLC content that promises to add even more depth to the Arizona Sunshine universe.

Image Credit: Vertigo Games

Set before the events of both the original campaign and Dead Man DLC, The Damned places you in the boots of a US Special Forces operative tasked with reactivating the generators of an Arizonan hydroelectric mega-dam. The only issue is the hundreds upon hundreds of flesh-hungry undead skulking throughout the halls of the absolutely enormous facility.

“As your team sets out, terrifying events unfold that leave you to complete your mission on your own,” states Vertigo in an official release. “Make your way up, over and inside the massive structure in an effort to stop the spread of the apocalypse in its tracks with no more than your commander’s voice over the radio to keep you company. Your relationship could use some work, and crippled with a fear of heights and a healthy dread of flesh-eating undead crawling away in the depths of a dark, damp megastructure, you have seen better days…”

Image Credit: Vertigo Games

While Arizona Sunshine’s narrative may seem overly simplistic when compared to the stories featured in conventional video games, the experience did an excellent job of immersing you in the role of the protagonist, delivering a genuine sense of isolation and hopelessness throughout their journey.

Based on the information provided, it’s clear we’re in for yet another solo zombie hunting experience as we step into the shoes of another brand-new protagonist. Stepping into the boots of a Special Forces corporal in the Dead Man DLC was a refreshing change of pace for the series; it’ll be exciting to see how Vertigo will mix things up with this new highly-trained protagonist.

Image Credit: Vertigo Games

Arizona Sunshine ‘The Damned’ launches on Playstation VR, Oculus, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality this summer.

No word yet on an official price, but seeing as how Vertigo is teasing this as the games biggest expansion to-date, we can most likely expect a slightly higher price tag than the $2.49 Dead Man DLC.

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