Arizona Sunshine’s Free Old Mine Update Adds Terrifying New Horde Map To Oculus Quest

Take on endless waves of Freddies in one of the campaigns scariest locations, the Old Dutchman Mine.

This past December, popular VR zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine made its way to the Oculus Quest, offering standalone users the chance to mow down hordes of undead flesh-eaters across a handful of captivating locations without the need of a beefed-up gaming PC. Later that month developer Vertigo Games released the Two-Handed Weapons Update, the first in a series of free updates heading to the Oculus Quest; this update introduced a handful of two-handed weapons such as the AK-47 and M1A1 Thompson. 

Today we received our second free helping of content, The Old Mine Update. Available now to all Quest users, this latest DLC release adds a new horde map to the mix, the Old Dutchman Mine. Lauded as one of the most unsettling locations featured in the main campaign, this underground network of bridges and tunnels is hands-down one of the worst places you’d want to find yourself stuck in during a zombie apocalypse. 

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After playing a couple of rounds this morning, I found myself approaching each wave of enemies with a bit more strategy than I had while playing the original horde map. Tight corners made it easy for Freddies to sneak up on my team and me undetected and the maze-like system of ramps and platforms made ammo caches difficult to access. Of course, the biggest challenge is the map’s lighting.

Armed with a single flashlight, I kept my eyes fixated on the shadows around me, each one serving as the perfect cover for a flesh-hungry zombie. Even with my head on a constant swivel, it was difficult to keep track of the dozens of zombies that were spilling out of every crack and crevasse of the decrepit underground shaft.

Image Credit: Vertigo Games

To assist players in surviving this nightmarish map, Oculus has provided a handful of survival tips that should prove useful while navigating the Old Dutchman Mine:

  1. Get to know the map. Explore as much as you can early on. Knowing where the ammo will be is a big advantage when the Freddies are coming.
  2. The Freddies are endless. Before you can clear the first wave, another wave is already incoming! So keep moving and keep collecting ammo—you will definitely need it.
  3. Build a solid loadout. A shotgun and a pistol is a good combo. Try to aim for the head to conserve ammo, and when they get too close, use your shotgun to get rid of them fast.
  4. Bring a friend—or three. You’re stronger in a party. Having someone watch your back while you reload is vital, and getting that new weapon from a difficult spot is easier with someone at your side.

Arizona Sunshine’s next free update, Undead Valley, will offer yet another free horde map to standalone users when it arrives on Quest headsets next month. Following the release of Undead Valley will be the first of Arizona Sunshine’s two paid DLC add-ons, Dead Man DLC, for $2.49.

Arizona Sunshine is available now on Oculus Quest for $34.99.

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