Free Update For Arizona Sunshine On Oculus Quest Adds More Powerful Weapons

Take on hordes of ‘Freddies’ using a deadly arsenal of two-handed rifles. 

Earlier this month, Vertigo Games’ post-apocalyptic action-adventure Arizona Sunshine launched on the Oculus Quest, offering standalone users one of the first AAA gaming experiences designed specifically for VR headsets. 

Despite the immense technical limitations of the Oculus Quest, Vertigo somehow managed to port the full Arizona Sunshine experience without having to make any sacrifices to the core game experience. Sure, there’s a noticeable downgrade in terms of visuals, particle effects, and lighting, but every weapon, location, and chapter you remember from the original PC VR release is waiting for you just where you left it; if you can’t stand the hassle of tethered headsets and don’t mind some rough visuals, you might even find the Oculus Quest release to be the ideal version of the experience.

Image Credit: Vertigo Games

Prior to its release, Vertigo announced that the Arizona Sunshine on Quest would be receiving all past DLC releases as part of a staggered launch, beginning today with the release of arguably the most impactful update in terms of gameplay, the Two-Handed Weapons Update. Whereas the core experience only offers the player single-handed weaponry—handguns, light SMGs, a short-barrel shotgun—this update opens up access to 13 rifles and SMGs that must be operated using two hands. This includes modern day rifles such as the Commando, I85a2, M16A4, and AUG, as well more old-school firepower like the M1A1 Thompson, M1 Carbine, and Type 100.

Here’s a full list of all the new zombie-killing weaponry available beginning today:

  • AK-47
  • AUG
  • Commando
  • G3A3
  • I85a2
  • K50M
  • M1 Carbine
  • M2 Carbine
  • M1A1 Thompson
  • M16A1
  • M16A4
  • MP44
  • Type 100
Image Credit: Vertigo Games

Coming next is the Old Mine Update (free) in January 2020, followed by the Undead Valley Update (also free) in February, the Dead Man DLC (not free – $2.49) in March 2020, and The Damned DLC (also not free – $4.99) in April. If you already own the paid DLC for the Oculus Rift/Rift S, these updates will come at no additional charge. 

Despite having released all the way back in 2016, Arizona Sunshine has remained one of the most enjoyable narrative adventures available in VR headsets. Whether it be the immensely satisfying gunplay and action-packed battles, or the charming—and surprisingly emotional—performance by our quick-witted anti-hero, this is just one of those experiences you feel compelled to revisit on a regular basis. With the arrival of Arizona Sunshine and various other experiences released first on PC VR platforms, the Oculus Quest is quickly turning into a VR port machine; a transition I’m very much enjoying. 

Arizona Sunshine is available now on Oculus Quest for $39.99.

Feature Image Credit: Vertigo Games

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