Creators Of Arizona Sunshine Launch Location-Based VR Company

Vertigo Games announces their new publishing company, Vertigo Arcades, alongside a location-based release of Arizona Sunshine.

As location-based (LB) immersive experiences continue to grow in popularity, developers have begun seeing the potential benefits in bringing their own VR games to 4D arcades.

Vertigo Games, the developers behind popular zombie-shooter Arizona Sunshine, is doing just that with their brand new publishing company, Vertigo Arcades. The LB VR-dedicated publisher is designed to assist VR developers, as well as established immersive arcades, in converting their VR titles into location-based experiences via their VR Arcade Suite.

A custom-built content launcher specializing in free-roam VR experiences, VR Arcade Suite offers a variety of user-friendly features to assist developers through the conversion process of their PC VR games. This includes an application programming interface (API) capable of combining fundamental arcade features, such as mixed reality (spectator) viewing, custom peripherals, score tracking functionality, and more.

Vertigo Arcades is celebrating its launch with Arizona Sunshine – LB VR Edition, a free-roam, warehouse-scale rendition of Vertigo Games’ hit zombie-shooter.

“Arizona Sunshine has been very successful in the consumer space, and over the past year a lot of arcades have popped up all around the globe,” spoke Vertigo Arcades managing director Richard Stitselaar in an interview with VentureBeat. “The consumer version of Arizona Sunshine is already very successful in that arcade market, and that got us thinking that we should do more about that.”

Using Vive Wireless Adapters, Vive Tracker technology, and the latest VR weapon peripherals running on Boston’s VMU-VR, the untethered multiplayer experience allows groups of four to team up against the zombie apocalypse as full-body tracking captures their every step. 

“Freely moving around and interacting in one large real-world arena using full-body tracking, players create the ultimate weapon load out from a range of VR weaponry and gear, and jump guns blazing into the most immersive zombie apocalypse experience yet,” states Vertigo Games in an official release.

Vertigo Games has joined forces to bring Arizona Sunshine – LB VR Edition to Gamescom 2018 in Germany August 21st.

Along with Arizona Sunshine – LB VR Edition and VR strategy title Skyworld, Island 359 by former The Brookhaven Experiment developers at CloudGate Studio, I-Illusions’ Space Pirate Trainer, and the upcoming A Fisherman’s Tale by Innerspace VR / ARTE France are all signed on to vertigo Arcades catalogue, with more VR titles on the way.

Image Credit: Vertigo Games

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