Archer Celebrates 8th Season With AR App

Play the role of private eye and investigate new episodes with AR that’ll make you scream, “Holy s*** snacks!”

Since its premiere eight long years ago, Archer has cemented itself as one of the funniest adult animations to ever hit television. Along with its bold comedic-style, raunchy dialogue and memorable characters, much of the shows popularity could easily be attributed to whichever genius is behind the promotional content. Whether it was the time Sterling teamed up with Conan O’Brien to battle Russian mobsters, when they made a cut-for-cut remake of the Kenny Loggins’ ‘Danger Zone’ scene from the film Top Gun, or released an alternate pilot where every character was replaced with screeching velociraptors, the show has always made a point to advertise itself in the most unique possible manner.

The highly-anticipated eighth season, Archer: Dreamland, is no exception. FXX has officially released an Archer augmented reality app that, once the season makes its premiere April 5th, will allow users to interact with both new episodes as well as real-world objects. Players will have the chance to step into the life of a private eye and solve mysterious cases that could win them cool prizes. Each episode will feature new clues that you’ll need to “Archer” to activate. In other words, you’ll point your phone’s camera at certain objects in the show or in real life to trigger a customized set of animations. Boom! You just “Archered” it. Players who manage to collect a clue from each episode will be submitted into a weekly sweepstakes to win various rewards that will totally, uhm.. uh… ahh, I swear to god I had something for this…

“During all-new episodes of Archer: Dreamland, use your iPhone/iPad camera to point at designated targets on screen, and watch them come to life with new clues that will help you solve the case,” FX made in a statement. “And continue sleuthing during the week by finding additional clues that are hiding in ‘real world’ places like Archer billboards, TV commercials, the Archer Facebook page, and”

The Archer,P.I. augmented reality app is available for download free on the IOS App Store and Google Play Store now.

Archer: Dreamland premieres Wednesday, April 5th at 10pm on FXX.

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