AR Wine Labels Pay Tribute To Female Pioneers

EmBRAZEN brand wines celebrates women’s history with augmented labels highlighting three incredible female figures.

Since its initial launch, Tactic’s Living Wine Labels app has received over 1.2 million downloads, providing augmented wine bottle labels to five high-profile brands. Whether it’s the Walking Dead cabarnet or a 19 Crimes shiraz, the company appears to have a hit with its AR-enabled labels.

Their latest offering, emBRAZEN California wines, takes advantage of the technology behind the captivating moving labels to shine a much-needed spotlight on some  of histories most accomplished females. Available in variety of styles, including Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Red Blend, each of the bottles come with a custom AR label spotlighting a different female innovator.

On the Chardonnay bottle you’ll find renowned artist Celia Cruz, while the Red Blend features entertainer, activist, and French Resistance agent, Josephine Baker. The final offering, Cabernet Sauvignon, honors journalist Nellie Bly, best known for her 72 day record-breaking trip around the world.

“Women are paving their own paths and taking control of their futures by speaking boldly to ignite progress and change the world,” says Patricia Montagno, Vice President of Marketing for Treasury Wine Estates, the parent company of emBRAZEN, in an official release. “Through our Take Up The Torch program, emBRAZEN recognizes local unsung heroes who deserve support to achieve their community enhancing goals.”

Open the app, point the smart phone camera at the AR-enabled label, and watch as these powerful female figures come to life and share some of their most famous exploits.

“It’s exciting to share these women’s compelling stories through emBRAZEN wines,” says winemaker Teutschel. “I hope these wines spark conversation among friends, family, co-workers or even in the wine aisle. I’m proud to have crafted these wines, providing a bold and delicious canvas for their voices to be heard.”

Tactic is following-up the release of this trio with Take Up The Torch, a new program dedicated towards sharing the accomplishments of local women contributing to their communities. The program will launch on Women’s Equality Day, August 26th; after which one winner will be selected on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2019, where they will then receive a grant of $25,000 to use towards their specific cause.

The Living Wine Labels AR app is available for free on iOS and Android. Head to the Living Wine Labels site to purchase your emBRAZEN bottle ($15.99).

Image Credit: Treasury Wine Estates

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