AR Brings Iconic Scene From ‘The Ring’ To Your Living Room

Why? Why would someone bring this terrifying moment to life?

Remember that famous scene from Gore Verbinski’s bone-chilling 2002 horror film The Ring? You know, the one where the demonic and perpetually wet demon child Tabatha first crawls out of a fuzzy television monitor in a scene that would cement itself as one of the most infamous scenes in horror cinema.

Now, nearly 16 years after its theatrical release, AR is bringing the paralyzing feeling of witnessing an undead child drag herself out of a TV right into your own living room. Developed by Abhishek Singh, the frightening experience uses Apple’s ARKit platform to detect the virtual surface of the television and then project a 3D animation of the evil Tabitha clawing her way out of the screen.

“It began when I was thinking about how to detect vertical surfaces using ARKit (apple hadn’t released or announced any support for it at that time),” explained Singh in an interview with VRScout. “I realized a quick way of doing that was simply to mark out two points on the horizontal surface that  detected. Once I had two points I could use that to programmatically create an edge and then a vertical surface pointing up from that edge. That went further into adjusting the materials/shaders on these surfaces so that they were invisible to the real world and the images coming in from the camera but opaque to the virtual elements I placed behind them.”

“I initially thought of using MoCap and an actor but didn’t have access to any facility so eventually worked with a freelancer to get a model of Tamara with the typical animations needed to recreate the scene,” said Singh. “Again this was an experiment so I don’t see the benefit of making it public as an app. The purpose as always was to get people talking about AR, experimenting with it and using it in new ways. Maybe there’s a entirely new genre of movies/ trailers that involve putting the scenes in the real world around you.”

We’ve covered Singh’s work in the past, but this latest creation is definitely a major departure from previous projects such as his VR dragon-flying simulator, Laser Cat AR and Super Mario AR. It’s unclear what made Singh go directly from cute animal apps to a downright unsettling demon spawner, but regardless, it’s exciting to know the talented developer is open to multiple themes and topics. I know it’s been said every time we’ve covered him in the past, but we once again can’t wait to see what’s next for Singh.

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