AR Technology Brings Street Fighter II to the Actual Streets

The creator of ‘The Ring’ AR experience brings his talents to the world of Street Fighter II.

Arguably the most notorious arcade fighter in video game history, the Street Fighter franchise has more-or-less set the standard for modern day brawlers thanks to a revolutionary combat system as well as an unforgettable roster of memorable characters, locations and moves (Hadouken anyone?). Now that same hand-to-hand combat that made the series famous has made its way to reality via a new multiplayer AR experience unlike any other you’ve seen before.

Developed by Abhishek Singh, Street Fighter II: Real World Warrior Edition, as he calls it, utilizes Apple’s ARKit to blend official audio from the original game and 3D character models from Street Fighter IV, resulting in a full augmented Street Fighter experience anywhere, from a tabletop to full a on street.

You may remember Abhishek as the evil genius responsible for the recent Ring AR adaptation. This time Singh is back for a less intrusive, more welcomed AR experience that won’t result in us crapping our collective pants.

Despite being merely an ARKit demo, Street Fighter II: Real World Warrior Edition boasts some impressive graphics as well as realistic shadow visuals. According to the footage shown in the video, the controls appeared to be a watered down version of the original controller scheme, though that doesn’t by any means hint at a lack of quality. Along with the essential player-on-player content, this AR rendition also brings Street Fighter’s famous hatred of vehicles into the mix. A bonus stage mode allows users to jump into the shoes of Ken and let their pent-up rage loose on an unprovoked car.

Of course this AR experience remains very much in the prototype stage due primarly to legal issues regarding copyright. Despite being a fairly impressive port of the original classic, Singh has expressed his concerns towards possible copyright issues by deciding to hold off on the production of the AR port until the Street Fighter franchises official publisher, Capcom, formulates an official response.

So when exactly can you expect to get your hands on this game-changing AR gaming experience? It’s hard to say. Like many other VR and AR recreations of popular franchises and characters, the devil is the in the licensing. However, even if Capcom rejects this inventive new gaming experience, that doesn’t mean an independent 3D artist can’t whip up their own original characters for an experience extremely similar to Street Fighter. *Wink Wink.*

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