AR Technology Jockeys Its Way To Horse Racing Tracks

Will immersive technology win, place, or show at the track?

A Finnish-based technology firm called Immersal has developed an augmented reality (AR) system compatible with “horse racing tracks anywhere,” according to the company. Revealed at GITEX in Dubai, the app can be accessed via a mobile device or AR headset.

The technology works by layering virtual content over your real-world environment, thereby offering a more interactive and informative racing experience. This includes everything from real-time race statistics and 3D entertainment to important information regarding individual horses and races. The app can even help visitors locate their individual seats.

An image provided by the company shows the system being used to keep track of specific horses mid-race.

Credit: Immersal

“Combining the low latency and high throughput of 5G with our Visual Positioning solution, we can deliver real-time insights to the spectators in high quality,” said Anttoni Vesterinen, CEO of Immersal, in an official release.

“By providing statistics on the horses and the individual races as well as entertainment like 3D animations, the race organizer can offer an enhanced experience simultaneously to thousands of viewers. This is something unseen at the race tracks before.”

The Immersal app launched this past June on iOS and Android devices. Users can scan their physical space and anchor digital content such as photos and videos to specific locations throughout the real world. In addition to horse racing tracks, this same technology can be used at live sports events, theme parks, shopping malls, airports, and other public loctions.

For more information about Immersal visit here.

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