AR Sports Awarded Patents For AR-Enhanced Fantasy Sports Platform

AR Sports will have you exploring your surroundings in order to build the ultimate dream team.

Thanks to a recent Supreme Court ruling last year, the world of sports betting is now legal in all 50 states. This is big news for the world of fantasy sports, which will most definitely benefit from this ruling. As a result, companies are hard at work developing the next big fantasy sports experience.

A new patent has been awarded to AR Sports, a company that looks to mash the world of augmented reality and fantasy sports, that will use an interactive AR experience similar to that of popular AR games such as Pokemon GO or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to let you draft players from any professional and amateur sport.

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The game would have you exploring your environment to seek out new players in order to build your dream team sports roster and compete against players all over the globe. You’d be able to duke it out in any traditional season-long fantasy sports league as well as participate in a week-to-week fantasy sports challenge—so long as that sport has fantasy affiliations. The app can even be integrated into already existing fantasy sports host sites, and if you’re not part of any fantasy sports sites, no worries; you can use the drafting system as a stand-alone app and play on your own.

This new AR approach could be huge for the world of fantasy sports. Injecting AR technology and physicality into the traditional fantasy sports experience could appeal to a wide range of users, whether it be a hardcore sports fan who bleeds the colors of your favorite team and names your firstborn after your favorite player, or just someone who considers themselves a casual sports watcher. It will make the fantasy sports experience more up close and personal with increased interactive activity for the players that could encourage new people to participate in fantasy sports.

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Instead of sitting in front of a computer at home or at work drafting your players, you are physically building your super team as you encounter AR versions of them in your living room, around the neighborhood, or even your place of work. You have to physically seek out new players by getting up and physically traveling to new destinations, which is what real sports scouts do in real life. Once drafted, players would appear in your roster on your mobile device and can even interact with you – Put me in coach!!

In an official press release, Lenny Parisi, Chief Executive Officer & Founder of AR Sports said, “We are extremely excited about this important milestone. Building our intellectual property has been a priority for our team. We are continuing to enhance the software platform and continuing to integrate the augmented reality advertising system.”

Concept art of potential AR fantasy football experience. / Image Credit: AR Sports

On the sports sponsorship side, which is also big business, the app would feature patent published interactive advertising through AR and geolocation technology that lets advertisers quantify views, interactions, and redemption of advertising promotions. This means the app would have a dynamic AR advertising module that will enable advertisers to target players using their geolocation in relation to stores, restaurants, and businesses. In addition, the system would be able to incorporate independent AR logos that, if captured, give you coupons or promotions to advertiser brands.

The fantasy sports industry has 59.3 million people participating in the US and Canada, and AR Sports hopes this new immersive approach will encourage new players to embrace the eye of the tiger and live out those glory days.

AR Sports currently has a fantasy football game available on compatible iOS devices.

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