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AR Social Media App ‘Urban Legend Hunters’ Has You Solving Mysteries Throughout The Real-World

Your phone is a window to the supernatural in this extra spooky choose-your-own-adventure.

Over the past several years, hit titles such as Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite have set the groundwork for a new generation of location-based AR games in which players use their smartphone devices to interact with digital content layered over their real-world environments. Urban Legend Hunters is one such game, offering you the chance to step into the role of a paranormal investigator and participate in a mysterious adventure where your choices play a direct impact on the story.

Brought to us by developer Toii Games, Urban Legend Hunters is an AR-based simulated social media experience set in modern day Taiwan. The story goes like this: about a year ago, a collection of supernatural entities referred to as “urban legends” made their appearance on the tropical, volcanic island. As a member of a social media ground called “Urban Legend Hunters,” you’ll be tasked with communicating with NPC members in order to uncover the secrets surrounding mysterious beings. After downloading the app and filling out the quiz, you’ll have the ability to interact with other members of the group by sending private messages and posting to the board. As previously stated, your choices have a direct impact on a narrative with multiple branching endings. 

This social media component is only half of the experience, however. Shortly after downloading the social media app your phone was hacked, allowing you to see and interact with AR characters tied to designated real-world locations. In order to progress further in the story, you’ll need to uncover additional secrets by visiting these specific locations. You can also use the apps “Demon Eye” mode to transport yourself to a haunted school. 

The Urban Legend Hunters social media app is just one of many stories set within Taipei Legend Studio’s “Speaking of the Devil” fictional universe. Other media includes additional games, short stories, LARPs, an adapted novel, a manga, even a board game; all of which centered around local Taiwanese myths. 

Urban Legend Hunters is available now on iOS and Android devices. For more information visit

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Image Credit: Toii Inc.

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