AR Gets Spooky With Snapchat’s ‘Stranger Things 2’ World Lens

Visit the ‘Upside Down’ in Snapchat’s most impressive World Lens to date.

Stranger Things Season 2 is now officially out on Netflix, but you probably already knew that seeing as you can’t not run into some kind of advertisement for the massively-popular show. Billboards, buses, TV commercials, customized Lyft rides, specialized Spotify playlists, even a new Reebok sneaker designed like the pair worn by one of the shows characters. Despite these incredibly unique forms of marketing, the shows most impressive advertisement manages to blow the rest out of the water by letting you actually travel to the Upside Down.

Available right now, Snapchat’s latest addition to its list of immersive filters utilizes its recently-launched World Lens feature to transport users to the shows spooky universe. By activating the front facing camera and raising your eyebrows, users can instantly teleport to the Upside Down, the terrifying alternate reality that dwells beneath reality. Flip to the rear camera and explore the shows well-known living room set in AR. There you have the opportunity to physically walk around the living room, mess around with the infamous Christmas lights setup and actually interact with the letters, just like in Season 1.

Honestly though the most interesting part of this whole filter is actually in how you acquire it. Much like the hidden puzzles in the series, this World Lens is also a bit secretive. To find the lens, you’ll have to press and hold your Snapchat screen while the official Stranger Things theme song plays from any source. Shazam smartphone integration then detects the audio presenting you with the option to “unlock for 1 hour.” Scroll through your filters list to find your new lens. It should be at the beginning. Of course you could always be a buzz-kill and just scan the official snap code to unlock…

The Stranger Things Season 2 Snapchat World Lens is available to use now via the official Snapchat app for iOS & Android. Snapchat has been relatively quiet on the World Lens front since its initial release earlier this year. It’s encouraging to see the super-powered filters continue to receive some support. Especially when they’re as impressive as this one. With ARKit continuing to crush it within the developer scene, AR is continuing to prove its staying-power and marketability.

Image Credit: Snapchat

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