AR Ski Goggles Display Info While You Shred

AR technology makes its way into the mountains.

This year’s CES featured no shortage of exciting announcements, including the reveal of Sirius, a pair of advanced ski goggles that use augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to display valuable information over the real world as you cut through powder.

Developed by Swiss startup Ostloong, the goggles feature GPS navigation, cellular data, and an HD camera, according to the official website. The company’s OUTDOOR AR Display is designed to enhance communication, navigation, and safety while exploring the mountains.

“This is a huge yet outdated market, which would benefit from the integration of new technologies to revolutionize the world of snow sports and adapt it to a new generation of skiers who are adept at using smartphones and social networks” said Amber Gao, CEO of Ostloong Innovations, according to

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen AR technology used in the sports world. FORM’s smart swim goggles track the wearer’s performance while displaying key metrics such as GPS and heart rate. Then there’s the ActiveLook System, a see-through heads-up display capable of providing key performance data in real time. According to its developer, MicroOLED, the technology could prove useful for a number of activities, from endurance sports to scuba diving.

Image Credit: Ostloong Innovations

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