AR Piano App For Quest Doesn’t Require An Actual Piano

PianoVision teaches you how to tickle the ivories in AR using your own two hands.

Previously available in Early Access, PianoVision is now fully available on App Lab with exciting new features designed to help teach you the art of playing the piano. The robust music-learning app makes incredible use of the Quest’s Passthrough AR and hand-tracking technology to immersive you in a captivating mixed reality experience.

Users can connect their own MIDI keyboards and upload custom songs via a dedicated desktop app. You can perform on your own or follow along with built-in courses and sheet music to perfect your art. For those without a physical piano, ‘Air Piano’ mode projects a virtual keyboard over your real-world environment that you can interact with using your own two hands.

Once you’re ready for an audience, you can jump into multiplayer and perform for other users in a virtual concert hall. Of course, you can always sit back and enjoy a show or two in the peanut gallery.

Here’s a list of features (as provided by developer ZarApps):

  • Sheet music Insight to learn sight-reading
  • Multiplayer concerts
  • MIDI keyboard connectivity
  • Air piano for those without physical pianos
  • Upload custom songs using the Desktop App
  • Multiplayer music instruction
  • PianoVision Music Hall in VR
  • Indicators to show you what fingers to play with for select songs
  • Built-in courses

PianoVision is available now for free on Meta Quest headsets via App Lab. According to the developer, additional environments and support for acoustic pianos are currently in the works.

Image Credit: ZarApps

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