AR Menus Are Changing The Way We Order Food

KabaQ makes choosing your meal easier than ever with 3D rendered digital previews.

Have you ever ordered something off a menu thinking you’d love it, only to receive your meal and discover it’s nothing like you imagined? For me, it’s an Earth-shattering experience I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. Thankfully one group of heroes are finally stepping in to solve this longtime annoyance by bringing high quality augmented reality menus to restaurants and online food services everywhere.

KabaQ is a FREE augmented reality app available for both iOS & Android that creates virtual food displays consisting of multiple digital renderings and actual photographs, a unique method of photogrammetry used exclusively by the organization. By capturing images of the food from various angles, stitching them together to form complete 3D models, and placing them in a new augmented reality menu, food distributors are able to provide patrons, both in-house and online, with detailed digital renditions of available meals they can use preview before selecting. All model dimensions are identical to the food they represent, displaying an accurate representation of both appearance and portion.

Customers are given a generous selection of viewing options allowing them to view the model from virtually any angle as well as zoom in for a closer look. This gives patrons a clear preview of a menu item’s size, texture, presentation as well as ingredients both inside and outside the physical location. They also have the ability to mix and match appetizers, sides, and desserts with their main course using just a smartphone or tablet.

However the potential benefits for this new form of digital food display extend well-past its ability to help people select what “looks good” however. Visual representations of dishes could help break down the language and cultural barriers that can sometimes prevent individuals from exploring new and exotic ethnic dishes. The futuristic menus could also play a large part in portion control and health management by serving as a nutritional guide. With many restaurants adopting tablets and other various technology into their locations and a growing trend of food services with smartphone applications, there’s never been a better time to bring augmented reality into the food industry.

KabaQ is available for FREE on Android & iOS now. You can check out some examples of their 3D rendered food via their Sketchfab.

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