The AR Fart App We’ve All Been Waiting For

State of the fart technology takes AR to the next level.

We all know how funny farting can be. We also know how powerful ARKit is as a tool for creatives to create entirely new types mobile applications.

Combine the two together and you get a farting machine that will have you and your friends expressing flatulence in a whole new way.

Available now for free in the App Store, fARtjacker is basically an AR whoopie cushion that simulates six surprising styles of flatulence. Point your iPhone’s camera at your subject, touch their butt on screen, then swipe in the direction that you want the gas to pass.

Of course blasting the butt tuba wouldn’t be any fun unless you can also share with friends. Record the cheese cutting with the click of a button and wait for the sphincter comments to roar in.

The app is simple and familiar, especially for a younger generation who’ve grown up with vomiting rainbows on Snapchat. Why shouldn’t we also have the same abilities in the rear.

As of right now, methane starts with just a puff. But with a 99 cent in-app purchase, you can unlock the coveted premium toots like The Rainbow, The Atomic Cloud, Laser Danger, Bee Attack, and The Hose.

Mike Woods from m ss ng p eces, the immersive studio that created the app, told VRScout that ARKit allowed them to quickly prototype the experimental app and get it published on the within a month. The company is also working on some serious narrative AR projects in the coming months that counter balance their AR fart app. But for now, we’re just excited to have an app to show friends and family over the Holidays that shows the “true potential” of AR in the future.

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Jonathan Nafarrete

Jonathan Nafarrete is the co-founder of VRScout.

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