AR Drawing Tool Comes To Facebook Camera

Bring your art to the third dimension with 3D drawing functionality on the Facebook Camera, rolling out on smartphones now.

Since day one, Facebook has always been about making communicating a breeze. Whether you’re reaching out to an old college buddy, making the bold first move on a crush, or finally sending out invites to that huge party you’ve been planning, Facebook has become the go-to app for connecting and communicating with others online, especially when it comes to it’s smartphone app.

Already an application you’re likely to find installed on a majority of smartphones, this week the Facebook app received yet another attractive upgrade: an augmented 3D drawing tool allowing you to spice up your videos with real-time custom artwork.

Rolling out via the official Facebook smartphone app for iOS & Android, this augmented reality enhancement lets users amplify their photos and videos before or during the capture process with custom drawings programmed with 3D tracking functionality.

Here’s how to get your inner 3D artist going: Open up the official Facebook app and select the camera icon in the top-right corner as if you were going to take a standard photo, video or live stream. You then have the option to tap a new 3D drawing icon located in the cameras toolbar, thereby activating a real-time drawing system where you can design digital paintings and then pose them throughout the real-world.

“We wanted to give people an easy way to create with augmented reality and draw in the world around them,” said John Barnett, Product Manager at Facebook Camera.

“Drawing is a simple and universal way for people to express themselves and personalize their shared moments,” the company continued in their official release. “We’re seeing that people enjoy drawing on top of the photos they take; 3D drawing is a new feature that uses augmented reality to let people actually draw in their world. We did a lot of UX research to figure out what types of brushes and tools people would like and use most and will be releasing more options over the coming months.”

The latest Facebook AR camera update is just the beginning of what we’ll likely see from the company. In January, Facebook revealed they are also working on full body AR tracking that are sure to take your selfie videos to an entirely new level.

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