AR Artwork Is Inspired By Conversations With A Robot

You can purchase the AR installation as an NFT for a cool $99,000.

Those who attended Art Basel Miami Beach 2022 or the Decipher 2022 Conference in Dubai this past week were in for a treat as renowned new media artist Nancy Baker Cahill debuted a groundbreaking new augmented reality (AR) art piece inspired by her conversations with Sophia the Robot, a human-like robot powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Developed in collaboration with Hanson Robotics, Stone Speaks is the latest in a series of AR art pieces from Cahill and the first in a 10-piece collection that Sophia will develop alongside 10 guest artists over the next 10 years. Inspired by Cahill and Sophia’s shared concern over the climate crisis, the absolutely massive art piece begins as a particle field composed of the elements silicon and carbon.

These elements then combine to form a molten core before transitioning into a healthy planet accompanied by digital paintings inspired by Cahill’s conversation with Baker Cahill. Before long, however, the AR planet becomes polluted, and the particles once again reassemble to form a thriving natural ecosystem.

“Human-machine collaboration is an ongoing subject of interest for me, as I believe it is one path towards better ecological stewardship of the planet to ultimately ensure our collective survival,” said Baker Cahill in an official release.

As mentioned earlier, Stone Speaks was available exclusively at Art Basel Miami Beach 2022 and the Decipher 2022 Conference in Dubai as a geolocated experience. That said, you can purchase the AR installation as an NFT for a cool $99,000 via Aorist.

Image Credit: ITU Pictures / Nancy Baker Cahill

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